Patient Guidelines

Documents required for admission:

A patient is admitted on the basis of doctor’s written advice during consultancy or from Emergency department. At times, admission is also allowed on the basis of information conveyed by doctors over phone.  As soon as a patient is admitted, he/ she is transported to the respective cabin/ ward by our in- house staff  and the admission record sheet along with the undertaking form filled by the patient/ attendant is being handed over to the concerned nursing station.

Policy on change of bed category:

If a patient expresses his/ her desire to shift the rooms in terms of category, their names are maintained by the Reception staff and allotted rooms of their choice chronologically and as per availability of bed.

Billing and Discharge:

The Reception counter serves the dual purpose of reception as well as billing section and all payments related to treatment of IPD (both OPD & IPD) is being made in the Reception counter. However, for OPD cases, payment of medicines is collected at the hospital Pharmacy.

After a patient is being discharged by the doctor, the on duty nursing staff sends the documents to the Medical Records Department, where the discharge summary is typed out and then the ticket is sent to the Reception counter where the staff verifies the documents and prepares the bill after deducting the advance amount deposited. After collecting the payable amount, a clearance slip is generated and the patient is then allowed to leave the hospital premises.

Time for Discharge Procedure:

A patient can be discharged from the hospital stay by the Consultant, when he/ she feels that the patient has improved/ been cured and care at home can facilitate in progressing towards better health.

However, at times, a patient may not be fit to be discharged from the hospital according to the treating consultant, but the patient party do not wish to continue with the treatment and expresses their opinion to get the patient discharged. Under such circumstances, the patient can be discharged under a consent for “Discharge Against Medical Advice”, in short DAMA.

For the complete discharge process, the following time is required to prepare all necessary documents, collect pending reports, preparation of bills, medicine return, etc.

For cash paying patients: 2-3 hours from the doctor’s order.

For TPA/ Corporate/ Cashless patients: 4-5 hours from the doctor’s order.

Check out time:

The hospital being an emergency service, no check out time has been fixed and bills are calculated as per 24 hours cycle, i.e. upto 24 hours of admission, patient is billed for 1 day. However, beyond 24 hours, the following charges are calculated:

0-3 hours: 25% of seat rent.

3-6 hours: 50% of seat rent

Above 6 hours: full seat rent.

Confidential Suggestion Form:

Feedback forms are available for OPD as well as IPD patients in all departments/ nursing stations of the hospital which is expected to be filled by all patients/ attendants and then drop them in the boxes assigned for the purpose. Moreover, complaint forms are also available in all the nursing stations/ Reception counters, which can be used by the patients/ attendants to convey their complaints/ grievances to the hospital authorities. These filled in forms are collected by the hospital staff on daily basis and a detailed analysis of the same is done. Necessary corrective as well as preventive measures are immediately taken as a Quality Control exercise.

Restrictions within the hospital premises:
  • Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and any other illegal abusive substances are strictly prohibited within the hospital premises.
  • Visitors are expected to abide by the timings fixed as visiting hours by the hospital authorities and avoid any unwanted overstay in the patient areas.
  • Arms and ammunitions are not allowed to be carried/ brought in the hospital premises.